We have been providing lower-cost spays and neuters for dogs and cats
in Brevard County since 2007!

We limit our services to spays, neuters, and general wellness care--referring pets with problems that involve  diagnostics like ultrasound, radiographs, and extensive follow-up care to a full-service or specialized veterinary practice. This allows us to offer lower-cost spays and neuters, and more affordable basic but sound veterinary care to clients that might not otherwise be able to afford it. By working with nonprofit animal groups in Brevard we are also able to bring clients on public assistance together with these groups to provide spay/neuter services at no cost to qualifying pet owners.

Spay/neuter is a simple solution to the complex problem of the euthanasia epidemic, which has destroyed between 5 and 6 thousand animals each year in the Brevard County animal impoundments. It is a direct result of animals left unaltered. Sterilizing cats and dogs means fewer animals enter and crowd the county's animal impoundments, therefore fewer animals are ultimately euthanized. Reducing the strain on Brevard's County Animal Services also allows them to devote more resources to each animal, thereby increasing each animal's chance for a positive outcome.


Our mission has been to decrease the number of cats and dogs entering these impoundments. For every 2,750 spays and neuters we perform in Brevard County we decrease the number of pets without homes by 10%!

In 2017 we performed 3,532 spays/neuters for dogs and cats. 

In 2018 we achieved our goal of 4,000 with a total of 4,039 spays/neuter for dogs and cats.

2019: Here is a break down of this years numbers so far: January 96 dogs, 276 cats (372 total), February: 132 dogs, 297 cats (429 total), March: 108 dogs, 208 cats (316 total), April: 157 dogs, 209 cats (366 total), May: 100 dogs, 180 cats (280 total), June: 129 dogs, 342 cats (471 total), July: 192 dogs, 486 cats (678 total), August: 141 dogs, 407 cats (548 total) = 3,460. We still have 3 months left to reach our new goal.

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- Spay/Neuter

- Annual Exams
- Vaccinations

- Dental cleanings
- Routine Lab Tests
- Intestinal Parasite Control
- Flea Control


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