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About Us

Brevard Community Animal Hospital was started in 2007 as a small mobile spay/neuter clinic working with Animal Guardians of Brevard. Our mission was to decrease the number of cats being euthanized in Brevard County's South Animal Care Center by offering subsidized spays and neuters to pet cats belonging to the public on welfare or other government assistance. Lowe's allowed us to pick our patients up in their West Melbourne parking lot and return them there in the evening.

In 2013 we moved into a stationary building in Malabar and changed our name to Brevard Spay/Neuter Clinic. That allowed us to perform spays and neuters for DOGS as well as cats.

In 2016 we moved to our current location on US1 in Palm Bay and more than doubled the size of our clinic!


On May 19, 2017 we officially gained our tax-exempt status. In 2017 we were able to spay/neuter 3,532 dogs and cats. In 2018 we increased that number to 4,039 cats/dogs. We now perform on average 30 spays/neuters per day 4 days a week. 


Our newest goal is to start going for grants and collect donations to enable us to increase the number of heavily subsidized spays and neuters to Brevard County residents on government assistance or on fixed incomes. 


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